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Optimus Prime Top 10 on Letterman

July 7, 2009

UPenn campus in Transformers 2 trailer

May 1, 2009

A lot of recognizable UPenn landmarks in the new and awesome trailer for Michael Bay’s destructionfest.  Apparently Spielberg has told Michael Bay that it might be his best film ever.

From CNA: Hollywood firm acquires rights to Singapore comic book series

March 25, 2009

From CNA: A Singaporean comic series about futuristic slave racers (sounds like Death Race meets Transformers) has been snapped up by New Regency and Radical Pictures:

And while the concept and storyline of “Freedom Formula” has a global appeal, the creator of the series said it is actually a story that is inspired by unique aspects of life in Singapore.

“For example, it’s set in a literal city state and the whole concept is Formula One-style, racing-style exosuits that race all around the city. And I’m sure all that sounds very familiar,” said Shern.