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The DiaS’pura 2/Sing, City! 2 AAR

March 30, 2009

I wish we’d done this during the last DiaS’pura – uploading video updates of the day’s activities.  mrbrown has quite a few good ones on his blog.  I’m sure there’ll be more to come, as I saw numerous posting of photos of the event on Facebook from various sources.  mrbrown also took the time to cover the technology in Huntsman Hall lecture theatres:

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the speaker series.  I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews so far.  I’ll post any comments/videos as they come up.

The Yaps’ musical was a two-pronged attack on the audience’s hearts and the funny bone – the incessant gushing and awwing of the audience through the sentimental bits was matched only by the gaffws though the uproarious comedy segments.  I struggled to catch my breath after the US customs scene – I had strained my diapragm while laughing slumped on the VIP couch (generously offered to seniors by Caleb Yap).  And watching the actors, some old and  some new, take to the stage singing Random School Facility (with an additional verse written for YX’s misanthropic character) felt like a raucous class reunion.  I thought I could hear Jennifer Setiawan belting “…but I got it fuuuuuuuuuurst…”

Oh speaking of the musical, Josh or Caleb has reinstated the old Sing City musical blog, which houses some of their rants and thoughts from the first musical.  Check it out here.

I had to leave without watching the last quarter of the musical, which I heard had all the best songs.  Of course, Sekali I was the highlight of the evening for most people.  mrbrown has kindly included the lyrics to the song in his video:

And of course, the old fav, Noodle Blues:

On that note, if you have any photos/videos of the event, please send them to the Club Singapore exco at so that it’ll be included in their archives (which I assume will eventually be released to the world).

I had to leave the musical early as I had to set up for the Mambo afterparty at Level Lounge at 21st and Market st.  This was my first experience DJing for a big party, and that will be an entire rant/post in itself.  All I can say is that I’m glad everyone on the dancefloor had as much fun as I did behind the DJ booth – seeing Garett breaking out his “who says white people can’t dance” moves, hypnotizing a huge group of Singaporeans into standing in a circle and doing synchronized moves in time with the music, and feeling the relentless thump of the bass from the club’s speakers was a gratifying experience.  I have no pictures/photos though – I was so busy trying to be “professional” that I completely forgot my Asian roots and didn’t whip out the camera!!!  If you’re reading this AND you attended the Mambo afterparty AND you have ANY photos of the crowd at the event (I swear I saw some of those overhead-angled shooters at work), please let me know in the comments.

All in all, a great night spent in Philadelphia.  Hopefully more updates to come.


mrbrown is in Philadelphia…

March 27, 2009

mrbrown is in Philly for DiaS’pura 2 – it’s not too late to get tickets!  Any Penn-pals recognize the U.City landmarks below?  Kinda creepy, but you can almost map out point by point the route he describes below:

I wanted to ride the bike out but it was raining and fairly late so I just walked to look for dinner. I ended up having a Baracoa bowl from Chipotle.

Part of my travel ritual is always a trip to the convenience store to pick up a few bottles of water and iced tea for the room. So into the 7-Eleven I went.

I spotted a big bookstore nearby (this is the university district of Philly after all) on the way to dinner and made a mental note to visit it.

In the middle of the night, still up at 3am because I am not used to the 12-hour time difference, I dashed acrossed the street in 6°C temperatures to a Wawa‘s to get a hot hoagie. It tasted good but man, was it messy to eat. I felt like a housewife cleaning up my table after I finished supper.

DiaS’pura twitter stream: mrbrown is on his way to NY/Philadelphia

March 25, 2009

mrbrown just twittered/microblogged about his preparations before leaving for the big Singaporean event in Philly this weekend, DiaS’pura 2:

…and still cannot stop twittering and using the Net. Gonna be a long flight to NYC and Philadelphia but also looking forward to meeting friends, old and new, there.

…I also packed a few more warm clothes in case it gets too cold in the East Coast. By the looks of the weather reports, it’s averaging 0 to 11 degrees C. Yikes.

Buy your tickets here, if you haven’t already done so.

Durian tree murderer(s)???

March 25, 2009

From Newpaper: A white woman was found hanging from a 2m-tall durian tree in Selangor.  Sounds like a scene from a SAW movie:

The body was found at about 8am yesterday in an orchard near Serendah in Selangor.

The victim was in her 20s and is believed to be a foreigner. She was less than 1.5m tall and had fair skin and shoulder-length hair.

She was found in a white sports bra and dark-coloured panties.

Investigators could not immediately determine if she had been raped before her death.

Two wooden splinters, each about 5cm long, were found in her panties.

The body was in a kneeling position when it was found. The victim had marks on her neck and legs, and scratches on her right thigh. There were no other visible injuries.

From CNA: Hollywood firm acquires rights to Singapore comic book series

March 25, 2009

From CNA: A Singaporean comic series about futuristic slave racers (sounds like Death Race meets Transformers) has been snapped up by New Regency and Radical Pictures:

And while the concept and storyline of “Freedom Formula” has a global appeal, the creator of the series said it is actually a story that is inspired by unique aspects of life in Singapore.

“For example, it’s set in a literal city state and the whole concept is Formula One-style, racing-style exosuits that race all around the city. And I’m sure all that sounds very familiar,” said Shern.

DiaS’pura II film panel – preview

March 20, 2009

Since DiaS’pura II (“DSP”) is round the corner, I thought I might share my thoughts on what to look out for at the speaker series at DSP:

The film panel

The filmmakers coming to speak are all accomplished filmmakers who have achieved a certain level of recognition in Singapore.  I follow blogs about the Singaporean film scene on a regular basis, and these filmmakers have all been featured in interviews, exposes and discussions multiple times.  See below for some interesting (by my standards) links regarding these filmmakers.

  • Michael Wang’s interview after a screening of “Carrot Cake Conversations”:
  • Boo Junfeng’s showreel:
  • Eva Tang’s blog – you can see the number of festivals her films have screen at.
  • Li-Anne Huang’s “Singapore Girl” – you can catch a preview on her website.
  • And the moderator of the panel himself, mrbrown, who needs no introduction to Singaporeans.  He is the brains behind the Mai Hum remix of the Blackeyed Peas’ “My Humps”:

BTW, DiaS’pura is still eagerly seeking donations/sponsorships!!!  Please click on the Donate button on their website.

Jerry Ee turns himself in…

March 19, 2009

Jerry Ee, the ex-staff member of Cortina Watch who is allegedly the mastermind behind the largest heist in Singapore history, surrendered himself to the Singapore embassy in Bangkok some time last week.  He is apparently home in Singapore now, in the custody of the Singapore police.  Read more here.

This whole episode had the makings of a potential Hollywood blockbuster:

Disgruntled employee, down on his luck in life (divorce, separation from daughter, etc.), orchestrates the biggest heist in Singapore history ($8mm) from a busy luxury watch outlet in the middle of town on Christmas day (while the world is in the throes of the worst economic downturn since WWII).  He goes into hiding because the Interpol is on his trail.  Bereft of family, friends and a good night’s sleep, he eventually surrenders himself to the authorities.

Now all we need is to find out that he also did capoeira as a hobby.  Then we can insert the mandatory heist/dance sequence:

Microsoft video envisions the future in 2019

March 19, 2009

One thing I loved about Penn/Wharton was the the guest speakers and conferences organized by the institution.  Few other academic institutions have the brand name and clout to convince luminaries from the academic, business, entertainment and political world to come and speak to over-achieving fratboys and studious international nerds.  In my five years at Penn, I saw luminaries from the business/political/entertainment/academic world speak – Bono, Jamie Dimon, Jodie Foster, Kofi Annan, etc. among others.

President of the Microsoft Business Division, Stephen Elop, recently spoke at the Wharton Technology Conference.  However, I think the star of the conference wasn’t the speaker himself but the video he presented: Microsoft’s predictions for technology in 2019.  Watch the video here (don’t watch it on YouTube, gotta catch it in higher quality!)

Bad times – BBC interview with PM Lee

March 19, 2009

Watch PM Lee Hsien Loong’s interview within a 3-minute BBC segment on the global economic slump through the eyes of Singaporeans.