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Jerry Ee turns himself in…

March 19, 2009

Jerry Ee, the ex-staff member of Cortina Watch who is allegedly the mastermind behind the largest heist in Singapore history, surrendered himself to the Singapore embassy in Bangkok some time last week.  He is apparently home in Singapore now, in the custody of the Singapore police.  Read more here.

This whole episode had the makings of a potential Hollywood blockbuster:

Disgruntled employee, down on his luck in life (divorce, separation from daughter, etc.), orchestrates the biggest heist in Singapore history ($8mm) from a busy luxury watch outlet in the middle of town on Christmas day (while the world is in the throes of the worst economic downturn since WWII).  He goes into hiding because the Interpol is on his trail.  Bereft of family, friends and a good night’s sleep, he eventually surrenders himself to the authorities.

Now all we need is to find out that he also did capoeira as a hobby.  Then we can insert the mandatory heist/dance sequence:


Watch heist at Cortina Raffles Place – Burglar wanted by Interpol

January 18, 2009

This is the face of a man wanted by the Interpol, who orchestrated a heist of $7.9 mm SGD in timepieces and cash this past Christmas Day:

Hai Chiizu!

Couldn’t the Straits Times at least have found a more suave photo with a less cheeky pose, befitting an international thief wanted by the Interpol, like:


From The Straits Times:

Cortina burglary: Ex-staff wanted by Interpol
By Teh Joo Lin

A FORMER employee of the Cortina watch outlet that was cleaned out of $7.9 million in timepieces and cash on Christmas Day is now a wanted man internationally.

Mr Jerry Ee – who has been missing since the theft was discovered and got the sack from the company – has been listed under Interpol’s wanted list for theft.

This came in the form of a red notice – the same alert level used for escaped terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari – against the 35-year-old to the international police organisation’s member nations.

This means that any of these 187 countries can arrest him on the spot and extradite him to Singapore.

Mr Ee’s height and weight was given as 1.62m and 50kg on the notice, which is available online and included pictures of him. He is stated as being conversant in English, Mandarin and Thai.

The international alert against him comes after the Christmas Day heist – said to be the biggest burglary in Singapore in years – at the Cortina outlet at Raffles City.

Staff at the Raffles City outlet discovered 386 timepieces and cash – with a total value of $7.9 million – missing when they turned up for work on Dec 26.

Security guards who were on duty on the night of the incident said that no alarms had gone off, and there were no signs of a break-in at the store.

Mr Ee has has been missing since the theft was discovered, with police attempts to contact him futile.

He had worked with the luxury watch retailer for at least four years and is divorced with two young children.