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Merantau – the next Ong Bak

May 11, 2009

The trailer for a new Indonesian silat movie, Merantau – sure to achieve a cult following in the US and Europe.  It’s worth watching all the way to the end, for a pretty chase sequence amongst rooftops.


Upcoming: John Rabe / Shinjuku Incident

January 20, 2009

Two movies that I’m looking forward to, both Sino-other country co-productions.

“The Shinjuku Incident” is a thriller starring Jackie Chan in a non-kungfu/non-Asian-sidekick role.  China/Japan co-production.  The trailer was leaked recently, and it looks good (in Chinese/Japanese):

“John Rabe”, the film about the man dubbed as the “Oskar Schindler of Nanking”, has already won awards in Germany.  A China-Germany co-production.  The star of the film was also in The Lives of Others, another German movie that won major awards two years ago.  Trailer (in German):