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Woody Allen vs. American Apparel

April 17, 2009

American Apparel’s (“AA”) tactics in their defense against Woody Allen’s $10mm lawsuit reeks of desperation.  A synopsis: AA, sometime last year, unveiled a billboard on Allen Street in Manhattan that had an image of Woody Allen dressed as a rabbi from the movie “Annie Hall” with the AA logo emblazoned across the image.  Picture from NYT:

Obviously erected without the permission of the reticent Allen, the billboard advertisement was in stark contrast to AA’s usual ads which featured young female models in suggestive soft-pornish poses.  Allen went ahead and filed a $10mm lawsuit for damages.  AA’s lawyer’s response:

‘Woody Allen expects $10 million for use of his image on billboards that were up and down in less than one week,’ Slotnick said. ‘I think Woody Allen overestimates the value of his image.'”

Slotnick also revealed that AA is going to make Woody Allen’s personal history with regards to his wife/ex-adopted daughter the focal point of their defense.

Doesn’t that sound like the most salt-on-the-wound, below-the-belt, playground defense ever?  An analogy: Boy A kicks Boy B in the nuts.  When reprimanded, Boy A goes: everyone knows that B’s  got small balls anyway, so why would it hurt?  B, please show the world your small balls to prove that I’m right!

In response, Woody Allen’s lawyers accused AA of a “scorched earth” approach in its defense.  Let’s hope some common sense prevails here.  Go Woody!

UPDATE (5/18/09) – They’ve reached a $5mm settlement!  La-di-da.

By making an allusion to the film Annie Hall, from which the image of Allen was taken, he intended to comment about tabloid scandal-mongering. The specific scene of the film shows Allen in the role of Alvy Singer at a dinner hosted by Annie Hall’s non-Jewish family. The character feels so out of place at the table that he imagines himself as an Hasidic Jew.

Charney said his idea was to use that personification of discomfort as a metaphor for what he and his company were going through at the time during the sexual harassment lawsuits.

“The billboards were designed to inspire dialogue. They were certainly never intended to sell clothes,” he said.


Annie Hall – the original romcom

February 26, 2009
via BBC

(picture from Guardian)

In his blog, screenwriter compares Annie Hall with the romcoms of today, and explains how Woody Allen created a relatable character in Alvy Singer, in spite of his neuroses:

Anyway, yes, Alvy Singer is the protagonist of Annie Hall. And yes, what he wants is “the eggs,” but he doesn’t really understand that until the end of the movie (and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Allen didn’t know that until he was done editing the movie). The reason Annie Hall feels so lived-in, so detailed, so real, is because there was a whole hour’s worth of other material in there, a whole tapestry of narrative, that got cut out. The result is that the characters seem to have rich inner lives that continue after the scene is done. Annie Hall is, nominally, about Alvy’s failed love affair with Annie, but because of all the details about Alvy’s life and career, all the odd little neuroses and flashes of magic realism, it seems to be more about “love itself,” re-defined for a new, more self-aware generation.

Chinese extras

June 7, 2008

It must be fashionable to have ethnic Chinese in your movies these days.  First it was the casting call for Asian extras with military backgrounds in Transformers 2,  and now even Woody Allen is in the act:

Woody Allen Feature Film Seeks older chinese extras (nyc)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-18, 9:59PM EDT

Seeking chinese extras for a scene in the movie shooting the week of May 19th in NYC. Seeking chinese men and women 40- 75 years old. Movie is union picture but pay is union wage. Must have social security number, picture ID and proof of us citizenship or green card. Must not have already worked on the movie.

Please send photo, age, and daytime phone number.

East Village types

May 11, 2008

I live on St. Marks Place, where a lot of hipsters hang out. These guys walk around with the weirdest haircuts and jeans that could never be featured in the Levi’s viral video because they’re too tight to jump into. I always wondered what these people do in their spare time, then I saw this on Craigslist:

Seeking 18-22 year old edgy East Village types for Woody Allen movie (NYC)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-06, 11:51AM EDT

Shooting a scene on Wed May 14th outside an alternative, indie rock concert. Must be available all day into the evening. Looking for SKINNY men and women 18-22 who have edgy east village wardrobe.

Please send photo and resume or snapshot and size details..You must include your sizes.