IKEA ad plays on naked Holland Village couple

This TV ad from IKEA about their Home Furnishing Sale is an obvious play on the recent wardrobe malfunction involving a naked couple in Holland Village that caught the attention of  international news agencies (interesting nugget is that there was a bar owner by the name of Terence Chia who witnessed the incident).  The ad features a nude couple, an ang moh and an Asian woman walking around IKEA dressed in only cardboard boxes and flip-flops, not unlike what actually transpired at Holland Village.  You can see the ad here (for now).


Pretty funny, but I wish they’d taken it further and somehow integrated their marketing with the actual couple in question – I’m still mystified as to who that man and women were, and what they were trying to prove by walking around Holland Village naked, so I would have been ready to believe that it was just a viral marketing campaign gone too far.  Another funny read is from a ST Forum contributor, who got all riled up about incident because of his perceived “erosion” of “our morals” and lamented the lack of decency in the people at the scene who applauded the couple.  Read about it here.


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