Money in the bank for Red Cliff 2

John Woo’s Red Cliff 2 earned 100mm yuan (US$14.6mm) in China over a five-day weekend. According to VarietyAsia, this was a big milestone for Chinese cinema.

It was “like printing money,” Weng Li, spokesman for producer-distrib China Film Group, wrote of the pic on its website.

For the sake of comparison, over the past weekend, Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” made US$29mm domestically.  This is a good example of China’s reluctance to watch movies in theatres, despite of the release of what I believe is THE movie event of the year in China, akin to a Chinese “Lord of the Rings”.

A condensed version of Red Cliff is due to be released in the US in March.  Which I think is a good thing – brevity is always welcome, and I doubt that American audiences would be able to stomach 5 hours of John Woo.  Red Cliff 1 was painfully and unnecessarily long, and the outlandish action sequences got the eyebrow-raising “wtf?” response from me and the other people I watched it with (typical of John Woo fare – remember Tom Cruise’s flying motorcycle scene in MI-II?).  However, John Woo’s quote at the premiere of the movie in the China has me worried:

The story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been told on the big screen many times. I hope this version delivers a touch of reality for theater-goers.

If this is “reality”, I think we live on different planets.


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